Question of the Week – July 11

The Lord knows His Apostles; He loves us; He sends us. The mission of the Church began long before Christ died. The sending of the Twelve Apostles represent that which is still the most important aspect of the Church: Evangelization. The Church is missionary in mind, spirit, heart and soul. Made in the image and likeness of Christ, our mission is to go out into the world and share our gifts of time, talent, prayer, kindness, etc. with others. Like the Apostles of Christ, the greatest gift given is one from the heart, so others may come to know Christ lives and He is recognized in us, through our good works. This mission also calls us to share the truth of Christ. This can be more challenging because we don’t want to upset others, but it is also necessary to prevent others from making mistakes that could lead them astray. Christ is alive and all who live and work through Him are most alive! “The glory of God is a man fully alive.” (St. Irenaeus of Lyons).

Adults: How can you give of yourself to Christ this week?

Children: How can you help your parents at home?

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