Question of the Week – February 17

We need to respond to the challenge of the beatitudes in our daily life. Millions are starving, persecuted, homeless, and leading hopeless lives. The only way the promises of the beatitudes can become a reality for them is through the efforts of people like us. That is why we are told that we will be judged on the basis of our acts of mercy and charity. St. Teresa of Calcutta, and her Sisters have accepted this challenge and demonstrate that we can “live the beatitudes” in the modern world. Hence, let us remember that each time we reach out to help the needy, the sick, and the oppressed, we share with them a foretaste of the promises of the beatitudes here and now. Just as the apostles were called to minister to society’s untouchables, all Christians are called to minister to the untouchables, and the discriminated against, and the marginalized in our modern society.

Adults: What can you do to help the marginalized in your community?

Children: What can you do to make life easier for someone who needs help?

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