Saint of the Week – March 14

Saint Mathilda was born about 895, the daughter of a German count. When she was still quite young, her parents arranged her marriage to a nobleman named Henry. Soon after their marriage, Henry became king of Germany. As queen, Mathilda lived a simple lifestyle with times for daily prayer. Everyone who saw her realized how good and kind she was. She was more like a mother than a queen. She loved to visit and comfort the sick. She helped prisoners. Mathilda did not let herself be spoiled by her position, but tried to reach out to people in need. King Henry realized that his wife was an extraordinary person. He told her many times that he was a better person and a better king because she was his wife. Even though their marriage had been arranged , Henry and Mathilda really loved each other. Mathilda founded several Benedictine abbeys, and was free to use the treasures of the kingdom for charity. King Henry never questioned her. In fact, he became more aware of the needs of people. He realized that he had the power to ease suffering because of his position. The couple were happily married for twenty-three years. King Henry died quite suddenly in 936. The queen suffered the loss very much. She decided then and there to live for God alone. She gave the priest all the jewels she was wearing at King Henry’s funeral. She did this to show that she meant to give up the things of the world from then on.

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