Question of the Week – May 23

Pentecost is an invitation to choose to share our love, to choose to move into action, and to choose to be the Risen Presence to others. This weekend’s “Good News” is that the same Spirit of the Lord, which came to the first disciples at Pentecost, is still at work in the Church today. Jesus Christ promised to the apostles the Holy Spirit, a paraclete and He fulfilled His promise. He filled them with the Holy Spirit so they could go forth to proclaim the Good News of Jesus. As good stewards we are also called to inspire others by sharing our talents, gifts, and treasures. We thank God for His gift of the Holy Spirit, Who gives us grace and the way to salvation.

Adults: How can you use your gifts and talents to inspire others to live the Good News?

Children: How can you help others to learn more about Jesus?

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