Question of the Week – May 16

Today’s Gospel reminds us of the mandate of our Christian calling: “Go out into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation…” Christ Himself evangelized through His words, works, sufferings, and complete offering of Himself. Now He calls us to do the same because the same spirit that sustained and resurrected Him is with us. We need the Holy Spirit within us so that we can truly spread the Good News of Jesus’ love and mercy and not our own agenda of condemnation of those who do not live their life in Christ. Indeed, we cannot afford to fail Christ in this call. So, as we rejoice today that Christ has ascended into Heaven, we must work hard to fulfill His mandate to us in the hope of His second coming to take us with Him. This is what will merit us to be eternally with Him.

Adults: What is most difficult about continuing with the mission of Jesus in today’s world?

Children: What are some ways that you can share the Good News of Jesus’ love and mercy with others?

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