Question of the Week – July 26

We are facing many challenges these days. It’s the perfect time to bring our relationship with God front and center and realize that God and God’s Kingdom are all that really matter. We forget that the Kingdom of God is not a static entity. It intrigues the human spirit and captures our attention because it never fades away and is ever new. It has inexhaustible riches that can be buried and found time and time again and never lose its luster. No matter how challenging and complicated life gets we are never alone. We know what is not of God’s Kingdom: violence, hatred, despair, exclusivity, privilege, power, inequity, fear, isolation, apathy, greed, and injustice. In understanding the root cause of the presence of these in all of our stories, we will discover a pearl and walk the path to joy. Come Holy Spirit, we desperately need your wisdom!

Adults: Today’s Gospel reminds us that God’s Kingdom is worth sacrifice. What do you need to sacrifice in order to follow God in your own life?

Children: What can you give up to follow God more closely?

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