Question of the Week – July 12

Each one of us is a sower of the Seed. As such, we need to equip ourselves with the basic knowledge of the Bible. We cannot give what we do not have. We cannot proclaim what we do not have a knowledge of. When we hear the Word of God without understanding it, the devil will snatch away from our heart what has been sown in it. We may hear the Word but if we fail to have roots, we will wither in spiritual dryness when troubles, persecutions, trials, and disappointments come. We may hear the Word but still remain fruitless because the worries of this world, pride, envy, and the glare of material things choke the Word in us, making us work less and less for God. What was sown in good soil corresponds to him who listens to the Word and understands it. He then draws other people to God, thus, bearing much fruit. The ears hear but it is the heart that listens. The ears catch the Seed and the heart nurtures it. It is amazing that the word ear is found inside the word heart. And if you put the left ear and the right ear together, they form a heart.

Adults: How do you provide “good soil” for the faith of others to grow?

Children: What are you doing to help the seeds of your faith grow each day?

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