Question of the Week – February 7

In today’s Gospel, a key line is “Rising very early before dawn, He left and went off to a deserted place, where He prayed.” By His example, Jesus is telling us that prayer is very essential in our life if we really want to know and follow the will of the Heavenly Father. Prayer is not just asking for favors from God. Rather, it is our communication with God – to know His will and to have the strength, guidance and inspiration to fulfill it. Oftentimes, we willfully forgo our prayers because we say we are too busy. But according to the example of Jesus, it is very clear that despite His perfection as God and His very busy schedule, He seriously finds time to be alone in order to pray. He is telling us, in fact, that if we are busy, the more there is the need to pray harder and longer.

Adults: What obstacles do you face in your prayer life? What can you do to remove them so that you can spend more time communicating with our Lord?

Children: When is your favorite time to talk to God in prayer?

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