Question of the Week – December 27

As we enter into another Christmas season let’s take time to think about the simple Judean shepherds, who, one dark night, saw a great light, and in the power and inspiration of that light became changed men. They came to see and to worship; they returned glorifying and praising God for the things that they had learned and witnessed. We come to the Lord Jesus in like manner, but we see more than a babe in a manger. We see the King, resplendent in His power, taking to Himself the scepter of authority, bringing this evil world order to an end that He might set up in its place His own everlasting Kingdom of Peace. Like those simple shepherds, we must return glorifying and praising God for the evidence of the coming Kingdom. The people of today sadly need such a message; the time is at hand, we must tell our neighbors and friends the tremendous story of Jesus’ coming.

Adults: Who in your life needs you to share this message most?

Children: Who can you tell about the wonders of Jesus’ birth and His Heavenly Kingdom?

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