Message for December 19


There is no Christmas without spiritual preparation, reconciliation and peace. The most fundamental spiritual reality of Advent is that there is no Christmas without spiritual preparation of our hearts and reconciliation or peace with God or our brothers and sisters. Hence, Advent is a season of grace that God gives us through His Church to prepare us spiritually for the birth of Jesus Christ. This birth is not in the celebrations, traditions, decorations or symbols of Christmas but our hearts. The befitting dwelling place of God in our lives. Reconciliation, it is what leads us to a lasting peace with God, others and ourselves. However, reconciliation is both consolation and a challenge to our Christian life and practice. That is why we should strive to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord. Advent has the theme of peace through conversion, repentance, and renewal. We are encouraged to seek peace and reconciliation with God and our brothers and sisters at Christmas and beyond.

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