Meditation of the Week – September 5

Ephphatha-that is, “Be Opened!” God makes the deaf man hear and the mute man speak. We are the deaf and mute. We hear the words God has given us, but we do not listen to them and apply them. We don’t spend time meditating on what God is asking of us, submitting ourselves to Him in actions, words and deeds. Therefore, they fall on deaf ears. Instead of sharing the truth with a neighbor about a wrong, standing for the truth or sharing what we know of Christ, we choose to be mute. We first think of how it may offend our neighbor. We are here to serve God first, above all things, then we are called to love and help our neighbor. When God comes to us, He will open our ears to hear His words in truth, and our eyes, so that the world around us is transformed. Suddenly, our lives will take on a new meaning, where Jesus is at the center of it all.

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