Meditation of the Week – October 10

If the Virgin Mary was created by God and “fashioned as a new creature” by the Holy Spirit, it was…so that she might become the mother of God. Henceforth she lives with the very life of the Holy Spirit, and together with Him is sent on a mission: to complete within us the efficacious Redemption brought about by our sole Mediator, Jesus. In a certain sense the definitive glory that Mary enjoys, “carried up to Heaven in body and soul,” manifests how perfect was the Redemption Jesus effected in her. When Christ presents Mary to the Father, he hands over to Him for eternity the masterpiece of creation, of human redemption. in Mary who is glorified the Church is made perfect. When Christ returns at the end of ages there will not be a more perfect Church. But, joined to their Immaculate Mother in the deepest recesses of her maternal bosom, the countless members of Christ who have been formed in her by the Holy Spirit will share with her, each individually and all together, her Son’s eternal glory.

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