Meditation of the Week – Meditation on the Blessed Mother – October 24

Mary accepted that God would manifest Himself to her in a way which differed from her expectations. She accepted to walk in His inscrutable ways, with trust and abandonment. And on this path, she found herself at the foot of the Cross, totally dedicated to the Gospel announced by her Son. She could only be there because she believed in the Word, and even when all abandoned Him, she kept in her heart the words: “On the third day He shall rise again.” The Word was really the lamp that enlightened her steps. And she obeyed God with joy, surrendered to His will, which she recognized as a will of love. She knew that she was in the hands of the One who “cares for His humble servant,” that is, the One who takes care of His children and of humanity, who helps the poor, overthrows the mighty and extends His mercy from generation to generation.

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