October 10 – October 11, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Dearest Mommy,

I am writing you this letter to let you know that I love you. Whenever I call you Mommy, even though you cannot hear it, I feel so happy. For me to call you Mommy, I feel you love me.

I am writing you this letter for so many reasons. Please be patient with me.

The last 3 months in your womb have been very exciting to me, growing bigger and stronger by the day. And it seems your womb has become smaller every day. There is not much room for me to move around. I cannot wait for the day that I would be born in this world. It must be an experience very hard to describe.

But I noticed that since day one that my heart started beating in your womb in synchrony with the beating of your heart, you have become irritable, impatient, to the point of being angry. You started beating your stomach. I thought it might have been due to the stress and uncertainties brought about by your pregnancy. I really never thought much about it.

But these last few days have been a shock to me. I felt hot scalding/boiling water doused on me. Why? I heard you tell friends and relatives and your doctor that you wanted to abort me. My world fell apart. I was broken into so many thousand pieces.

I was so full of dreams on what I would do once I would be born. But now I could not even dream anymore.

Mommy, I would like to share with you my deepest thoughts and feelings before you abort me.

I dream of being born and feel your arms around me, caressing me, hugging me. I hear your voice whispering in my ears telling me “I love you,” followed by a kiss. I am in cloud 9.

I enjoy the gentle breeze of the wind. I jump with joy feeling the “raindrops falling on my head.” I am so happy to play in the rain until you call me back inside lest I catch cold. Oh, the birds flying in our backyard. What a beauty. Oh, yes. The butterflies, too. I enjoy smelling the flowers in our gardens. What about our walks in the woods? I will never trade that for anything. Truly, God is good.

One day I wake up early in the morning and everything outside is white. The ground, the rooftops, the streets. The branches of the trees are covered white. The snow keeps coming. Together with my siblings and friends we play in the snow. We make snowballs and throw them at each other. Mommy, I see myself and you making a snowman. It is the best in town. People who pass by admire it and take pictures of our snowman. You and I feel so proud of our snowman, our masterpiece.

I also dream of going to school and meet new friends and classmates. High school is a breeze. Thank you for encouraging me to go to college and the universities. I finish a degree and become a doctor, a pediatrician. You ask me why a pediatrician? Because I love children. I will take care of them, especially when they are sick. On graduation day ceremony, when my name is called you jump with joy and tell people around you: “She is my daughter.” You wave at me and I wave back at you. You are so proud of me. And I am so proud of you. I also travel to other countries, experiencing their cultures and traditions and meeting people not of our own and learn from them. But all these is a now dream.

Mommy, I have so many things in mind I want to share with you. But you might become bored and stop reading my “love letter.”

Before you decide to abort me, I want you to know that I already picked a name for myself. I named myself “Mary.”

Mother Mary is my patron saint. She is my role model for a true and loving mother. I am hoping that when I would have my own children, I will be a “Mary” to them. She loved Jesus without measure, from conception to His death on the Cross. She stood by Him and never abandoned Him in high and low waters. She suffered with Him. She was there at the foot of the Cross crying out with her sorrowful and broken heart as she witnessed her Son slowly dying on the Cross. She never left Him. When Jesus was brought down from the Cross, she cradled Him in her arms and sang Him His favorite lullaby when He was an infant. What a mother.

But all these now is just but a dream without any hope of fulfillment. I feel very sad but I know that I will have a better future in heaven where love has no measure.

Whatever you decide for my future, whether to give birth to me or abort me, I want you to know that I love you and I will continue on loving you. My love for you is never ending.

I have some requests to ask you. When I am aborted please don’t leave my fragile little body at the abortion clinic. I heard they sell body parts of aborted babies. Please give me a decent burial. In my tombstone kindly inscribe my name: MARY.

Before I close this letter, I do have 3 questions: 1. WHY? 2. WHY? 3. WHY?

When I reach heaven, Rest assured that I will ask the Lord Jesus to help me pray for your complete healing in body and in spirit.

Your Loving Daughter,


N.B: (Daughter Mary wrote this letter to her mother with the help of Fr Oscar Paraiso.

She is hoping against hope that when her mother reads this letter, she might have a change of heart.)

Brothers and Sisters, Let us never stop praying for Daughter Mary and her dreams. Let us join her in her fight for her “Right to be born.”

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