Easter 2021 Message

Dear Parishioners and Friends of our Parish,

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Happy Easter! I thank you all for being one community in our celebration of Easter. I especially welcome anyone who is visiting with us from other places. As we gather today on the holy ground of our Parish Church, we celebrate the beautiful gift of life that Jesus has blessed us with his Suffering, Death and Resurrection.

Jesus is Risen. This is the proclamation of the early Christian Church and this is our proclamation of Easter Sunday.

As we enter this holy day season, I’m reminded that not everyone can get out of the home to celebrate in person. Whether it be due to illness or advanced age, or concerns about the COVID-19, things are different than they used to be. This time can be quite lonely and challenging, especially as we wish to see others we would like to be with at this time but are not with us.

But still there is that special joy in us, knowing that our Savior is Alive. The somber mood of Lent gives way to the unfathomable happiness of Easter.

As we celebrate Easter, let us always be reminded that the Resurrection of Jesus is a call for celebration not only during the season of Easter but throughout our lives. It is a call to “repent and believe in the Gospel.”

The celebration of Easter is only meaningful if we fully grasp the full meaning of the great love of God for us by offering His Beloved Son as an expiation for our sins and transgressions.

Let us all be one big community in our great celebration and greet each other “A Happy and Blessed Easter!”.

May the Risen Lord bless us all.

Fr Oscar Paraiso

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