Christmas 2020 Message

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church:

Christmas is a day to remember who God is. Through Jesus, we come to know that God is really a God of Love. His love is offered to everyone, sinners and saints alike, including the marginalized and especially the poor and homeless.

Jesus invites us to His home where we experience forgiveness, mercy and love. This is what Christmas is all about: God our Father is giving us a place in His Heart.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember those who are in need of our welcome. They may be a family member, a friend, a fellow parishioner, or just about anybody we meet along the way. May we be a forgiving person and let our love reach out to those who are asking for them.

This Christmas season, let us not forget the poor. During this Season of Love, let us make time to help the needy. Through our Acts of Love in this season of Christmas, we help Christ reach out to others.

In this Season of Love, let us also specially pray for people who are been sick of the Covid, who have died of Covid. May the Lord of Christmas receive them in the heavenly kingdom. Let us pray for their families, the front-liners, doctors, nurses, health-care workers. May they, too, experience the Love of Christ as they minister to the sick.

You are always in my prayers this Season of Christmas: a season of love, a season of giving.

May the gracious God, who has shared with us His Son, bless you and your loved ones this Christmas Season and all the days of your life.

A Blessed Christmas and a Grace-filed new Year to all of you!

Fr Oscar Paraiso
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