Question of the Week – March 3

It is easy to find faults in others, but it is just as easy to overlook our own faults. Or as Jesus says in today’s gospel: “We see the speck in another’s eye, but we don’t see the log in our own.” And notice the difference, a speck compared to a log. A little fault compared with a really big one. Why are we like that? Is it because we are naturally jealous? Or envious? Or basically negative and critical? And we have lived with our own faults for so many years that we have grown accustomed to them, or perhaps have never known that we had the problem? We need to answer these questions about ourselves so that we can produce good fruit and be all that God made us to be.

Adults: What steps do you need to take to examine your words and actions to see if you are producing good fruit?

Children: What can I do to make sure I produce the good fruit God intends me to produce?

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