Question of the Week – January 27

The ‘option for the poor’ isn’t something invented by twentieth century theologians, nor is it just something fashionable starting at Vatican II. It is the option of God’s Spirit that breathes through Jesus’ whole life, and that we his followers need to introduce into human history. It’s not possible to live and announce Jesus Christ if we don’t do it from the defense of the least and in solidarity with those who are excluded. If what we do and proclaim from within the Church of Jesus isn’t understood as something good and liberating by those who most suffer, what Gospel are we preaching? What Jesus are we following? What spirituality are we promoting? To say it clearly: what impression do we have of today’s Church? Are we walking in the same direction as Jesus did?

Adults: What obstacles are keeping you from walking with the poor and vulnerable?

Children: How can you better follow Jesus this week?

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